Organic Grape Sugar?

An ancient recipe that was just too premium to recover, until now.
Liquid SUGAR, just AS NATURE INTENDED: Unprocessed, raw and grown locally by small local farmers.
A truly delicious NATURAL SWEETENER made with only Sicilian organic grapes.
REAL FOOD, with vitamins, nutrients and quality calories ( …not an empty additive).

Why Choose Swicily?

Because we should treat ourselves better. A small step in your habit, one giant leap for your body and soul

How To Use It?

Easy, same as traditional sugar, just remember it is liquid and 30% sweeter.
Your palates will discover a new sweetening experience, one that softly enhances the original flavours by just cancelling the bitter tones. No sugar rush nonsense.

When To Enjoy It?

ANYTIME! From breakfast to cocktail parties and even as a sweet original present.
Join us to stop overconsumption! Our multi-use Italian designed bottle is both an everyday liquid sugar and a unique gastronomical ingredient. A must-have in any household.

Who loves us

Anyone from anywhere is a Swicilian, just need to discover it!
Who would not enjoy some extra sweetness in their lives? The real one, coming from the heart and made with love

everyone with a sweet tooth could be a swicilian Read what our customers says



We aim to contribute towards a sweeter world through happy, sustainable and delicious food. So, we have made no concessions.
If you want to treat yourself and your dears with sugar, we believe us, this is as good as it gets.
We truly grow through your feedback and ideas, so thank you in advance!

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