Hello! I am Rochelle and I am the writer of this blog. I grew up in Hong Kong and I am currently a Food Science and Nutrition student who is studying in the University of Leeds.

My passion for food and drinks began when I was five years old. I remember the days where I stood at the back of the kitchen at my grandpa’s Chinese takeaway shop, peaking over the kitchen counter and looking at my grandpa work his magic in this remarkable small kitchen space. Since then, my life revolves around food. I watched cooking shows with my mum during the weekends, I developed a particular fondness over an incredible built in oven in my new home and I started asking my mum if I could be the chef de cuisine for big family gatherings. When I was twelve, I joined the local swim team where I would train 5 times a week. I was also an active participant in the basketball team, the rugby team and the cross country team in my high school. Food was an essential part of my lifestyle as I needed it to nourish my body and I had to bring my A game on when I had full day tournaments during the weekends. This is the year where it was clear to me that food is not only about taste and satisfaction, but it is also about nutrition and science.

Alongside my own interests in fitness and health, I started unveiling the deep dark truths of global crises with issues like food security, sustainability and the obesity epidemic in the modern world. I realised that nutrition cannot be seen as a concept that only affects an individual on a personal scale, but rather, a global scale where it could fundamentally change the world.

I recognise that I am not an expert in anything that I write. I don’t hold a PHD in Food Science and Nutrition, I don’t usually have a lab coat on, nor do I own a microscope, and I definitely cannot provide professional advice for those who are seeking for some. Though one thing is for sure, I am incredibly interested in how food shapes our lives and vice versa. I want to use this platform to share what I have learnt from reading books, watching films and videos, and listening to podcasts. Instead of using this blog for educational purposes, I would say treat this blog as a co-learning space, where we grow and learn together!

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs!

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