This is a story about good people, joy and values.

SWICILY was launched thanks to friends and strangers generously sharing their

know-how. Together, we are now turning our beliefs into powerful solutions.

I am a mum of four, an optimistic end of forties globetrotter…and the good thing

about aging is that you learn a lot.

This is my dream and I hope you will enjoy the ride with us!




Just like the Trinacria, the symbol of Sicily,

our success has three legs:


The graphics on our little bottle are no coincidence.

You will find The swallow,

a bird that migrates from Africa to Italy,

the Anchor and the Lifebelt

all symbols of social engagement

both of them symbols of the desire to help and support.

We share our success and our luck

by contributing our time and profit

towards the challenges of our communities.


Join the clean eating community

and the joy of shopping with a purpose.

Real food is sustainable,

totally natural, respectful, unprocessed, nutritious…


No need to sacrifice quality,

nor values to run a food product.

Consumers are now shopping with purpose

and are ready to eat better, not less.

Our success will be proof of it.